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Roller brush description

Roller brush description

Roller brush description

Also known as the drum, to be used with a roller brush paint dish.Due to a wide range of rolling surface, it’s the most labor-saving, time-saving brushes, especially after the extension rod connected, you can easily paint the walls or ceiling height. But the disadvantage is prone to the condition of the paint splashes, so the roller brush hair not too short,just be fine, so the brush out of the film will be smooth to the touch;

Roller brush Category

Roller is divided into three kinds:long hair,medium hair and short hair.It is the performance of the drum bristles length instead of the drum itself thickness and length. The bristles are usually divided into two kinds of wool and chemical fiber.

Different roller brush will brush out different effects. Long-haired roller will be brushing some tiny texture concavity, similar to the texture effect. And the short-haired roller paint brush is uniform, smooth, no concavity.Medium is between with the two former.


Using a flat brush roller brush as long as you can put on. If you want to apply evenly, put the roller into the paint bucket when it fully absorbed, and then take a few rolling on an incline, press out the excess paint is ok.