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Paint brush

Paint brush

Brief introduction

Paint brush is divided into two kinds of handles, plastic handles and wooden handles . Plastic handle is an injection forming at a time.

The main materials are bristles, wool, and nylon imitation bristle, etc.,

Brush DPM are tinplate, small nails and glue.              

Mainly used in painting and coating


1.When painting a drying furniture, pls don’t put it in direct sunlight on a window or a door, to avoid prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light, causing the paint to dry powder.

2. Painted furniture, it is forbidden to use plastic or newspaper coverage for a long time.In order to avoid the paint film is tacky, lose luster.

3. Avoid furniture carved with a sharp object, do not use something  hard to make collisions.

4. It’s better not to make direct contact with the surface finished with cups of boiling water, hot rice cooker.Using a liner to avoid scorch the paint.